JAB's Extreme Steel Targets

JAB’s Extreme Steel Targets are 100% American Made using only the highest quality materials and production methods.

Our targets are designed by competitive shooters for competitive shooters!

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The Hostage Target has a revolving 6″ plate “bad guy” behind an “innocent” hostage silhouette which can be either JAB’s special silhouette design or a USPSA/IPSC size silhouette depending on your preference or needs. This model has a bracket on the back to sit on top of a 2×4 post and a metal frame to hold the 2×4 post up (2×4 not included). The Hostage target can be made with Jabs own personal silhouette (as pictured) or the USPSA  A-B-C Zone (pictured in the A/C Zone SC Hanger).  With the Hostage Target, you have two targets in one.  You can practice shooting the bad guy or use the silhouette as a static practice target.  Either way you choose to use this target, it is sure to be loads of fun. (2×4 not included)

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 9 in


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